Agency: The Mill Studio
Producer: Ian Berry
Director: Pascal Bideau
Motion Artist: Bob Wolf
I created this animation for Lending Works last year with The Mill Studio and Upstart Film's Pascal Bideau.
From a motion graphics point of view it was a great project to work on as it has so many different elements involved in it. Lot's of nice problem solving! Plenty of 2d / Illustrator, some C4d elements, Physics generating, everything you need to make an interesting 2 weeks of work!
Piggy bank modeled in C4d, animted in After Effects using Element 3d.
Bank coming together created with Newton 2
Newton Screengrab
I used the Physics generator from Motion Boutique Newton 2 to create the animation of the falling balls inside the bowl / timer and also the secton above, the bank coming together. Newton is all about trial and error, it's never going to be right on the first go. In this instance I rendered out the results and time re-mapped them inside AE. With the bank I rendered out and time reversed.
C4d screen grab of Armour.
I modeled the armour in C4 using very basic shapes in order to keep things simple. The funky colours are to make things easier once in Element 3d back inside after effects.
C4d Modeled armour in Element
Video Copilot's Element plugin is great for adding 3D into after effects. I know you can now do this through Maxons plugin, and also the lite version of C4d that comes with After Effects CC allows you to open c4d files within AE, but I find Element is amazingly quick when viewing your files. Maybe this is because I mainly use it for motion graphics. You can parent lots of objects together making it perfect for animating in AE.
Knight section - A mixture of 2d and 3d
3d buildings, 2d cash, hat & cigar.

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